ANNUAL DUTY LIST (2020-2021)

The following committees have been constituted to assist the Principal in the day to day functioning and administration of college.



        1.  College council, Reception Committee&

     College advisory Board (for all purpose):                   Sh. Bhupinder Singh, Chairperson

1.      Mrs. Anita Amani

2.      Mrs. Ritu Hooda

3.      Dr. (Mrs) Latesh

4.      Mrs. Anju Kaushik

5.      Mrs. Renu Budhwar

  2. Public Information Office:                       First appellate Auth.:  Sh. Bhupinder Singh

                                                                             SPIO:  Mrs. Anita Amani                                                                                  

3. Bursar:                                                                         Dr. Suraksha


         4. Building Committee:                                               1. Mrs. Ritu Hooda (Convener)

                                                                                              2. Dr. (Mrs) Latesh (Member)

                                                                                          3. Mrs. Anju Kaushik (Member)

                                                                                              4. Dr. (Mrs) Prem Poonam (Member)


5. Internal Quality Assurance Committee:       1. Mrs. Renu Budhwar (Convener)

                                                                             2. Mrs. Anju Kaushik (Member)

                                                            3. Dr. (Mrs) Neelam Hooda (Member)

                                                            4. Dr. (Mrs) Naresh Kumari  (Member)

                                       5. Mrs. Manju (Member)

                                    6. Ms. Vinati (Member)

                                    7. Ms. Pooja (Member)

                                                              8. Mrs. Sarsij Siwach (Retired Principal)

                                                                9. Dr. Aniljeet (SMO,CHC,Lakhan Majra)

                                                     10. Mr. Balbir Rathi (Social Activist)

                                                                                 11. Ms.  Renu, 2111620016 (B.Com.III)

                                                                            12. Ms. Neha, Roll no. 2111320119 (B.A.III)


6. Staff Secretary:                                                               1. Mrs. Ritu Hooda

Staff Room In charge:                                                                   2. Ms. Bhoomika

7. Central Purchase Committee                                      1. Mrs. Anita Amani (convener)

                                                                                                2. Mrs. Ritu Hooda(Member)

(Purchase at GEM)                                                         3. Mrs. Anju Kaushik (Member)                                                                                             4.  Mr. Naveen (Member)



8. Physical stock verification Committee                     1. Mr. Anil Kaushik (Convener)

                                                                                              2. Dr. (Mrs) Neelam Hooda(Member)

                                                                                              3. Mrs. Soni (Member)



9. Youth Red Cross society:                                           1. Mrs. Deepika (Convener)

                                                                                                 2. Miss Bhoomika (Member)

                                                                                                3. Mrs. Seema (Ext. Lect.) (Member)

                                                                                                 4. Mrs. Anjali (Ext. Lect.) (Member)


10. Web Portal:                                                                1.Mrs. Anju Kaushik (Nodal Officer)

                                                                                         2. Mr. Anil Kaushik (Member)

                                                                                                3. Dr. Pradeep Kumar (Member)

                                                                                                4. Mr. Pardeep (Comp. Inst.)



11. CCTV:                                                                       1. Dr. Sunil Dhankhar (Convener)

                                                                                              2. Mr. Vijender Kumar (Member)



12. Nodal Officer RUSA:                                               1. Mrs. Anita Amani


13. First Aid & Dispensary:                                        1. Ms Pooja (Convener)

                                                                                  2. Ms. Manisha (Member)



14. NSS officer Unit-1                                                                   1.  Miss Vinati (P.O)


NSS officer Unit-2                                                       2. Ms. Monika Kaushik               



15.  Beti Bachao Beti Padhao                                                    1. Mrs. Kavita(Convener)

                                                                                                  2. Mrs. Subodh Rani(Member)                         



16. Placement Cell:                                                      1. Dr. Meera (Convener)

                                                                               2. Mrs. Heena (Member)

                                                                                       3. Mrs. Manisha Bedi(Member)

                                                                                              4. Mrs. Anjali (Ext. Lect.)(Member)



17. In charge Earn While you learn:                                    1. Dr. (Mrs) Neelam Hooda(Convener)

                                                                              2. Mrs. Anju Kaushik (Member)

                                                                                3. Dr. (Mrs) Parvesh Kumari (Member)

                                                                                      4. Dr. (Mrs) Prem Poonam (Member)



18. In Charge of Electricity & Maintenance                        1. Mr. Mehar Singh (Electricity Convener)

of   Related equipment                                            2. Dr. Sunil Dhankhar (Member)

                                                                                      3. Mr. Shri Bhagwan, L.A



19. Generator/Diesel:                                                              1. Mr. Rakesh (Convener)

                                                                                    2. Mr. Shri Bhagwan, L.A



20. University affairs:                                                                 1. Dr.Surender (Registrar)

A) Admission Form Detail                                              2. Mr. Arun Kumar (Member)

B) Registration                                                                3. Mrs. Soni (Member)

       C) Exam roll No. + Cut List                                             4. Mrs. Deepika (Member)

                                                                                                  5. Ms. Pooja (member)

                                                                                                6. Ms. Anuradha Nandhal (Member)

       D) University Result & ACR                                        7. Dr. Poonam (Ext. Lect.)  (Member)

E) Record of class Test & Assignments                      8. Mrs. Seema(Ext. Lect.) (Member)

F) Internal Assessment                                                  9. Mr. Anil Kumar (Clerk)


G) Annual Exam of Computer                                      10. Mr. Sandeep Kumar (Help in

H) Annual exam of EVS  offline & online Work)

E) Challan Generation for Re-appear students 11. Mr. Pardeep Kumar (computer inst.)

Fee collection and submission& any problem(All Online Work)

related to exam and results.




21.   UGC&NAAC Committee 2F, 12B                                   1. Dr. (Mrs) Latesh (Convener)

Permanent affiliation (M.D.U)                             2. Mr. Anil Kaushik (Member)

                                                                                    3. Dr. (Mrs)  Parvesh Kumari (Member)

                                                                                    4.  Mrs. Subodh Rani (Member)

                                                                                     5. Mrs. Heena (Member)

                                                                                     6. Mr. Suresh Kumar (Member)

                                                                                     7. Mr. Navinder Singh (Member)

                                                                                      8. Miss Bhomika (Member)                                     



22.  In charge Lab         (Computer Labs):                                      1. Mrs. Anju Kaushik

                                  (Language Lab):                                         2. Mr. Suresh Kumar




23. Auction Committee:                                                              1. Mr. Anil Kaushik (Convener)

                                                                                           2. Mrs. Kavita (Member)      

                                                                                                   3. Mr. Arun Kumar (Member)




24.  Engaging/outsourcing (Teaching &                           1. Mrs. Anita Amani (Convener)

Non-Teaching staff) Committee:                                      2. Mrs. Ritu Hooda (Member)

                                                                                                 3. Mrs. Renu Budhwar (Member)

                                                                                        4. Dr. (Mrs) Latesh (Member)                                                                                                 5. Mrs. Anju Kaushik (Member)



25. College grievance and redressal,                                       1. Mrs. Anita Amani (Convener)

Suggestion Box Committee and                                        

Anti-Tobacco and Alcohol                                        2. Dr. (Mrs) Latesh (Member)

                                                                                   3. Dr. (Mrs) Neelam Hooda (Member)

                                                                              4. Mrs. Heena (Member) 



24. Sexual Harassment Committee                             1. Mrs. Ritu Hooda (Convener)

                                                                                           2. Mrs. Anita Amani (Member)

                                                                                          3. Dr. (Mrs) Parvesh Kumari(Member)

                                                                                          4. Dr. (Mrs) Prem Poonam (Member)

                                                                                    5. Mrs. Sarsij Siwach (Member of NGO)

25. Time Table and work Load Committee:              1. Dr. (Mrs) Prem Poonam (Convener)

                                                                                            2. Mr. Mehar Singh (Co convener)

                                                                                            3. Mr. Rakesh (Member)

                                                                                            4. Ms. Sunita (Member)

                                                                                            5. Dr. Poonam (Ext. lecturer)

                                                                                           6. Mr. Naveen (Member)

                                                                                 7. Dr. Meera (Member)


26. In charge Women Cell/ Girls Common Room:     1. Mrs. Soni (Convener)

                                                                                              2. Mrs. Manisha Bedi (Member)

                                                                                              3. Miss Bhoomika (Member)

                                                                                              4. Miss Anuradha Nandal (Member)

                                                                                              5. Mr. Navinder Singh (member)

                                                                                              6. Mrs. Subodh Rani (Member)



26. In Charge SC/BC/ST and other Scholarship/Stipend:        1. Miss Bhoomika



27.    Cultural & Co-curricular Society:

Youth festival/Folk Festival                                 1. Mr. Suresh Kumar (Convener)

                                                                                   2. Dr. (Mrs) Neelam Hooda (Contingent In.)

                                                                                   3. Mr. Vishnu Ram (Member)

                                                                                   4. Dr. (Mrs) Naresh Kumari (Member)

                                                                                   5. Mrs. Kavita (Member)

                                                                                   6. Miss Anuradha Nandal(Member)

                                                                                   7. Mr. Navinder Singh (Member)

                                                                                   8. Miss Manisha (Member)

                                                                                   9. Dr. Balram (Member)

                                                                                  10. Mrs Manisha Bedi (Member)



28.  Subject Societies:

a)      English Literary Society:                         1. Mr. Vishnu Ram (Convener)

                                                                         2. Mr. Arun Kumar (Member)

                                                                         3. Mrs. Soni (Member)

                                                                         4.  Miss Sunita (Member)

                                                                        5. Mrs. Anjali(Ext. Lect.)(Member)

b)      Hindi Literary Society                                          1. Dr. (Mrs) Naresh Kumari (Convener)

                                                                                           2. Mr. Balram (Member)

                                                                       3. Dr. Poonam [Ext. Lect.] (Member)


c)   Social Science Society:                                       1. Mrs. Mukesh Yadav (Convener)                                                                                         2. Miss Vinati (Member)

                                                                  3. Mr. Mehar Singh (Member)

                                                                      4. Mr. Rakesh (Member)

                                                                      5. Mrs. Kavita (Member)

d) Commerce Society:                                             1. Mrs. Deepika  (Convener)

                                                                                         2. Dr. Meera (Member)


e)Science Society:                                                  1. Mr. Anil Kaushik (Convener)

                                                                                2. Mrs. Anju Kaushik (Member)

                                                                                3. Mrs.  Heena (Member)

                                                                                         4. Dr. Surender Kumar (Member)

                                                                                         5. Dr. Pradeep Kumar (Member)

f)  Geography Society:                                          1. Mr. Navinder Singh (Convener)

                                                                                         2. Miss Anuradha Nandal (Member)

                                                                                         3. Miss Pooja(Member)

                                                                                        4. Miss Manisha (Member)

                                                                                        5. Miss Monika Kaushik(Member)

                                                                                        6. Mrs Subudh Rani (Member)


   g)   Home Science Society:                                                1. Mrs. Ritu Hooda (Convener)

                                                                                                   2. Dr. (Mrs) Latesh (Member)


  h) Psychology Society                                               1. Dr. (Mrs) Prem Poonam (Convener)

                                                                                        2. Miss Bhoomika (Member)

  i) Mathematics Society                                              1.Dr. (Mrs) Neelam Hooda (convener)

                                                                                          2. Dr. (Mrs) Parvesh Kumari(Member)

                                                                                          3. Mr. Vijender Singh (Member)



29. State Level Science Exhibition:                           1. Mrs. Renu Budhwar

                                                                                         2. All HODs of Science Faculty



30. Road Safety and Awareness club:                    1. Mrs. Mukesh (Convener)

Disaster Management Club:                              2. Mrs. Manju (Member)

                                                                           3. Mr. Naveen (Member)

                                                                                 4. Dr. Sunil Dhankhar (Member)

                                                                                 5. Miss Pooja(Member)

                                                                                 6. Mrs. Subodh Rani (Member)

                                                                                 7. Mrs. Anjali(Ext.Lect.)(Member)            


31. In Charge legal literacy:                               1. Mrs. Heena (Convener)

                                                                                    2. Mrs. Subodh Rani (Member)

                                                                                    3. Mrs. Soni (Member)          

                                                                                    4. Miss Monika Kaushik (Member)

                                                                                    5. Mrs. Anjali (Ext.Lect.)(Member)   


32. Cleanliness &College Beautification                       1. Ms. Anuradha Nandal (Convener)        

Committee                                                                           2. Mrs. Manju (Member)

                                                                                                3. Dr. Meera (Member)

                                                                                       4. Mr. Vishnu Ram (Member)

                                                                                                5. Mr. Balram (Member)

                                                                                                6. Mrs. Kavita (Member)

                                                                                                7. Mr. Arun Kumar (Member)

                                                                                                8. Mrs. Seema Ext. Lect. (Member)

                                                                                                9. Mr. Navinder Singh (Member)

33. Office Stationary & maintenance of office:         1. Dr. (Mrs) Prem Poonam (Convener)

                                                                                             2. Dr. (Mrs) Naresh Kumari (Member)

                                                                                              3. Mr. Rakesh  (Member)

                                                                                              4. Mr. Vishnu Ram (Member)

                                                                                        5. Mr. Anil Kumar (Office Clerk)

34. In Charge College Property:                                 1. Mr. Vijender Kumar (Convener)

                                                                                     2. Mr. Mehar Singh (Member)

                                                                                              3. Mrs. Manisha Bedi (Member)

35. Preparation of Boards, Banner                                     1. Mr. Arun Kumar (Convener)

Flex Banner and Printing Committee,                                 2. Dr. Surender Kumar (Member)

& Invitation Committee.                                                        3. Miss Bhoomika (Member)

                                                                                                     4. Mr. Suresh Kumar (Member)


36. Seating, Tent, Mike, Shamiyana            Committee      1. Dr. Pradeep Kumar (Convener)

                                                                                               2. Dr. Sunil Dhankhar (Member)

                                                                                               3. Mrs. Mukesh Yadav (Member)

                                                                                               4. Mr. Vijender(Member)

                                                                                               5. Miss Manisha(Member)    

                                                                                               6. Mr. Shri Bhagwan (Member)


 37. Decoration Committee                                     1.Miss Bhoomika (Convener)

                                                                                 2. Mrs. Mukesh Yadav (Member)

                                                                                 3. Dr. Deepika (Member)

                                                                                4. Miss Pooja (Member)

                                                                                5. Miss Manisha(member)

                                                                               6. Mrs. Seema (Ext. Lect.) (Member)

                                                                              7. Mrs. Anjali (Ext. Lect.) (Member)



38. Refreshment Committee                                          1. Mrs. Manju (Convener)

                                                                                      2. Mrs Kavita (Member)

                                                                                     3. Mrs. Soni (Member)

                                                                                     4. Miss Monika Kaushik (Member)

                                                                                      5. Miss Sunita (Member)

                                                                                      6. Dr. Poonam (Ext. Lect.) (Member)



39.  Drinking water:                                                 1.Ms. Monika Kaushik (Convener)

                                                                                         2. Miss Vinati (Member)



41. Annual Prize Distribution Committee:        1. Mrs Manisha Bedi (Convener)

                                                                         2. Mr. Naveen (Member)

                                                                              3. Mrs. Mukesh Yadav (Member)

                                                                              4. Miss Pooja (Member)

                                                                              5. Miss Anuradha (Member)

                                                                              6. Miss Manisha (Member)

                                                                              7. Mr. Balram (Member)     


42. Sports Committee:                       1. Dr. Pradeep Kumar (Convener)    

                                                           2.  Miss Monika Kaushik (Member)

                                                            3. Miss Sunita (Member)

                                                            4. Mr. Vijender (Member)                         

43. Annual Report Committee:                                1.Dr. (Mrs) Naresh Kumari (Convener)

                                                                                          2. Ms. Sunita (Member)

                                                                                           3 . Mr. Vishnu Ram (Member)                                                                                                   4. Mr. Balram (Member)

                                                                                           5. Dr. Poonam (Ext. Lect.) (Member)

44. Library Committee:                                                             1. Mr. Naveen (Convener)

                                                                                                       2. Mrs. Heena (Member)

                                                                                                       3. Mrs. Manisha Bedi(Member)

                                                                                                       4. Miss Sunita (Member)

                                                                                                        5. Mr. Vishnu Ram (Member)

                                                                                                6. Mrs. Sushma LA



45. Incharge Court Case

                                                                                          1. Dr. Sunil Dhankhar (Convener)

                                                                                          2. Dr. Pradeep Kumar (Co-convener)

                                                                                          3. Mr. Rakesh (Member)

                                                                                          4. Mr. Pardeep Kumar (Comp Inst.)        


46. Discipline Committee:                                             1. Ms. Pooja (Convener)

& All Staff Members


47. InCharge Photography/ Press                            1. Mrs. Anju Kaushik (Convener)

Publicity and Public Relation Committee:                 2. Dr. (Mrs) Naresh Kumari (Member)

                                                                                            3. Mrs. Subodh Rani (Member)

                                                                                            4. Dr. Poonam (Ext. Lect.) (Member)

                                                                                            5. Mr. Sandeep(Comp. Att.)



48. In Charge Bus passes:                                    1. Mr. Shri Bhagwan L.A



49. InCharge Vote & Aadhar Card / Electoral Club:                         1. Ms. Manisha (Convener)

                                                                                                            2. Mr. Arun Kumar (Member)

                                                                                                  3. Dr. Deepika (Member)

                                                                                                            4. Miss Vinati (Member)

                                                                                                            5. Mr. Anil (office)


50. Stage Secretary:                                                              1. Mr. Suresh Kumar (Convener)

                                                                                            2. Mr. Mehar Singh  


51. Lecture Shortage Committee:                                      1. Dr. Surender Kumar (Convener)

                                                                                                  2. Mrs. Manju (Member)

                                                                                                  3. Mrs. Seema Ext. Lect. (Member)


52.  Tour Committee:                                                    1. Dr. (Mrs) Naresh Kumari (Convener)

                                                                                           2. Mrs. Mukesh Yadav (Member)

                                                                                           3. Mrs. Manju Chhikara (Member)

                                                                                           4. Mr. Suresh Kumar (Member)

                                                                                            5. Dr. Sunil Dhankhar (Member)

                                                                                             6. Mr. Mehar Singh (Member)


53. A.I.S.H.E. Nodal officer                                          1. Mr. Anil Kaushik



54.  Checking of Income Tax Form:                             1. Dr. (Mrs) Neelam Hooda(Convener)

                                                                                     2.  Dr. Meera (Member)

                                                                                             3. Dr. Deepika (Member)

                                                                                            4. Mr. Vijender (Member)

                                                                                            5. Dr. Suraksha (Member)

                                                                                            6. Mr. Anil Kumar (Clerk)


55. Subject Change:                                                  1. Mrs. Renu Budhwar (Convener)

                                                                                           2.  Dr. (Mrs) Parvesh Kumari (Member)

                                                                                           3. Dr. Surender Kumar (Member)


56. Public Health: Water Coolers & Water related         1  Mr. Navinder Singh  (Convener)

Equipments/Drinking Water                                                2. Mr. Balram (Member)

                                                                                                   3. Mr. Shri Bhagwaan L.A.


57. Convocation Committee                                    1. Dr. (Mrs) Parvesh Kumari (Convener)

                                                                                       2. Mrs. Ritu Hooda (Member)

                                                                                       3. Mr. Naveen (Member)

                                                                                       4. Dr. Meera (Member)

                                                                                        5. Miss Manisha (Member)

                                                                                        6. Dr. Surender Kumar (Member)

                                                                                        7. Mrs. Seema (Ext. Lect.) (Member)

58. Result and ACR Committee                                 1. Dr. (Mrs) Parvesh Kumari (Convener)

                                                                                         2. Dr. (Mrs) Suraksha (Member)

                                                                                         3. Dr. Pradeep Kumar (Member)

                                                                                         4. Mr. Vijender Kumar (Member)

59. Committee for Proctorial and Mentorial Duties        1. Mrs. Anita Amani (Convener)

                                                                                                    2. Mrs. Renu Budhwar (Member)

                                                                                                    3. Dr. (Mrs) Suraksha (Member)

                                                                                                    4. Mr. Rakesh  (Member)

60.  N.S.S Advisory Board                                                              1. Mrs. Anita Amani

                                                                                                            2. Dr. (Mrs) Latesh

                                                                                                           3. Mrs. Renu Budhwar

                                                                                                           4. Dr.(Mrs) Suraksha

                                                                                                           5. Mrs. Heena

                                                                                                           6. Miss Vinati


61.   Sports Advisory Board                                             1. Sh. Bhupinder Singh, Patron

                                                                                               2. Mrs. Anita Amani

                                                                                               3. Mrs. Ritu Hooda

                                                                                               4. Dr. (Mrs) Latesh

                                                                                                5. Mrs. Anju Kaushik

62.  “Common wheel” Society for Social Science                       

                                                                                                            1. Mrs. Anita Amani

                                                                                                            2. Ritu Hooda

                                                                                                            3. Dr. (Mrs) Latesh

                                                                                                            4. Mrs. Renu Budhwar




                                                                                             Govt. College for Women

                                                                                                     Lakhan Majra (Rohtak)