REPORT OF (SESSION 2020-21)

FROM 19th FEB. TO 25th FEB., 2021





Dr. Bhupender Singh                           Programme Officer

H.E.S.-I                                                Mrs. Alka (Unit-I)

Principal (CDC)                                   H.E.S. - II

G.C.CW. Lakhan Majra                       Programme Officer

                                                              Ms. Monika Kaushik (Unit-II)

                       H.E.S. - II










Government College for Women, Lakhan Majra (Rohtak)

National Service Scheme Unit- 1st& 2nd

Annual Session: 2020-21

February 19th, 2021 to February 25th, 2021


Two units of N.S.S. of G.C.W. Lakhan Majra (Rohtak) Organized seven day N.S.S. camp in Heyr and Budan locality. This camp was organized from February 19th, 2021 to February 25th, 2021. In this camp, Programme Officer Mrs. Alka of Unit-I & Programme Officer Ms. Monika Kaushik of Unit II has been actively participated with 100 volunteers. The major focus of this camp was on the following topics “Motto and Objectives of N.S.S. and Social responsibilities of N.S.S. volunteers”, “About Exam Stress”, “Farm laws and their effects”, “Women Hygiene”, “Diet and Health Nutrition” and “Women Rights and RTI”. The precious information of first aid and home nursing as well as Meditation Sessions also given to volunteers during this N.S.S. seven day camp.








With full of zest and energy started inauguration of seven day N.S.S. camp in HEYR and BUDAN COMMUNITY of LAKHAN MAJRA with enlightenment of Diya in front of idol of Goddess of Saraswati. Dr.Ranbir Gulia gave a lot of information about N.S.S. like its Motto, Objectives, and Duties etc. and also motivates the volunteers. After this lunch break was there. Later on six days schedule with brief introduction was discussed with both NSS Units. At last of the day volunteers make their group for different duties and responsibilities with different names. Later on Programme Officers of Unit-I and II gave brief of camp activities like competition of every day like Poster Making, Singing, Sports, Pot Decoration, Poetry, Speech Competition etc.












With fresh start of the second day of the seven day N.S.S camp held at Lakhan Majra, Rohtak was accomplished by the speaker of ‘Heart fullness Team’. The head of the team herself and with all members of her team conducted a meditation programme and making them aware about the importance of peacefulness of mind. After that Dr. Shelly Dalal of N.R.S. Government College, Rohtak discussed about Motto and Objectives of N.S.S. and Social responsibilities of N.S.S. volunteers. After Lunch, Dr. Dinesh Berwal Assistant Professor of Pt. Neki Ram Sharma Govt. College, Rohtak  discussed about exam stress and how we can reduce as well as overcome this. During evening volunteers cleaned the ground. After this, Pot Decoration Competition was held there and volunteers actively participated in this. Later on, planning for further days was discussed under the leadership of P.O’s of unit 1st and 2nd Mrs. Alka and Ms. Monika Kaushik. This competition was successfully completed under the instructions of Dr. Bhupender Singh, the honorable Principal of GCW Lakhan Majra College. The camp of the day ended with motivational speech of respected Principal.






Volunteers started their third day of N.S.S. camp with valuable information given by Dr. Sunil Phogat about three farm laws with all possible pros and cons and motivated the volunteers that how much valuable to know about all such kind of laws and rights in positive and constructive way and he shared his experiences with volunteers. After that volunteers cleaned nearly parks. After that heart fullness team of Rohtak conducted a meditation class and shared the way to remove negative thoughts from mind. In evening session trained volunterrs in beautification shared their views and provided valuable information. During the whole programme P.O. of Unit 1st and 2ndMrs. Alka and Ms. Monika were present.











The fourth day of N.S.S seven days camp started with valuable lecture of Assistant Professor Anuradha Nandal. He shared his thoughts with volunteers and motivated them as well as spread awareness about theirabout power of meditation. After this ‘Heartfulness team’ of Rohtak organized a meditation class and asked them to do so in their village and spread awareness of this. After lunch, an informative lecture given by Dr. Satyawan Jatain regarding the pre and post phase of COVID-19 with special impact of financial conditions of India. After this Dr. Nina Singh provided precious information about Women Hygiene. Later on there was a speech competition and topics were Impact of Covid-19 and Uttrakand Tragedy- a Natural Disaster. Volunteers actively participated in this competition. In this our day became successful with all valuable lectures and competition with presence of both NSS P.O.









The fresh beginning of fifth day of N.S.S. camp started with water conservation awareness rally in nearly localities. After this all the volunteers reached the Gurudwara of Lakhan Majra for cleaning activity and aware the villagers to do so. After lunch Assistant Professor Satish Panghal from Government PG College for women provided very precious information regarding career opportunities. He also discussed about different exams with all possible information and shared his experiences which schedule should be follow to achieve goals. . During evening volunteers organised a cleanliness campaign in front of residing community area of camp.  Between 5 P.M. TO 6:30 P.M there was Poetry, Singing and dancing competition was organised and volunteers actively participated in this with presence of Programme Officer of UNIT-I and II.











On the sixth day of N.S.S. seven day camp volunteers start their day with an energetic lecture given by Dr. Varun Malik from A.I.H.M.S. Jat College, Rohtak. He discussed about Diet and Health Nutrition and its importance in daily life. After this a valuable lecture given by Assistant Professor Navinder Singh on Women rights an RTI. After lunch a lecture given by Dr. Subodh Rathi on nature conservation and discussed we can save our nature with all possible small efforts with best efforts of yoths. After this volunteers cleaned the front yard. The whole programme was conducted in the presence of Dr. Bhupender Singh, Honourable Principal of GCW Lakhan Majra and P.O. of Unit-I and II.














Chief Guest of the seven days N.S.S. Camp (held at Heyr and Thlli Community, Lakhan Majra) was honourable Dr. Vedparkash shoraen, who is himself a respectable Ex. Principal of Pt. NRS College, Rohtak. He addressed the students and encouraged the volunteers and gave advised by some stories to  follow NSS objectives and motto. Our guest of the day was Dr. Jyoti Raj who discussed about different opportunities, possibilities and challenge of life with role of NSS. After that he informed volunteers about the importance and goal of N.S.S. Principal of our college       Dr. Bhupender Singh told the volunteers about personality development and advised the students not to tolerate any unfair practice in the society. After that some cultural activities were conducted. After that P.O. of Unit- 2, Ms. Monika Kaushik presented the report of all the “seven day camp”. Chief Guest, Principal and P.O. of Unit-I and II gave awards to all the winners of different activities during seven days camp. Two best volunteers (Anshu and Priyanka) and two best campers (Anjali and Sheetal) have been selected and were awarded by special award for their extraordinary performance with trophies and Merit Certificates. With all these other volunteers who got first, second and third position also awarded in different competitions also awarded. In Pot Decoration (Ritu, Sonia and Nikki), in Poster Making Competition (Anjali, Ritu, Neha), in Speech Competition (Sheetal, Anjali, Garima), in Singing Competition (Muskan, Nishu, Kirti) and in Dancing Competition (Sarina, Kirti, Komal) got  first, second and third position respectively.  In the end P.O. of Unit-I Mrs. Alka gave vote of thanks to the Chief Guest, Principal and Volunteers. All the present Professors, Chief Guest and Principal congratulated P.O. of both Unit-I and II on successfully completion of Seven Day Camp.

















Report of N.S.S. Activities

Session 2020-2021


1.   August 15th, 2020

Independence Day was celebrated in the college


2.   September 24th, 2020

NSS Day was celebrated


3.    October 2nd, 2020

  Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated in college


4.   October 14th, 2020

Enrollment of volunteers for the current session 2020-21


5.   October 20, 2020

Display of enrollment list

Plogging was organized around the campus along with awareness drive in local village                                                               

6.   October 31st, 2010

 Unity Day was celebrated on anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel                                  


      7. November 11th, 2020

                National Education Day was celebrated in college on

                the occasion of birth anniversary of  Maulana Abul                       .               Kalam Aaza


            8.  November 26th, 2020

                 Indian Constitution Day was celebrated in college.

                 Mr. Mehar Singh addressed the students and the staff    




             9.  January 16th, 2021 

 One day camp was organized in college campus in which all the participants/volunteers actively participated and various cultural & cleanliness activities were undertaken.




 10.  Feb. 19th to Feb. 25th, 2021

        N.S.S. seven days camp was organized from 19th Feb. To

        25th Feb., 2021


  11.  Feb. 26th, 2021

One day camp was organized in college campus in which all the participants/volunteers actively participated and various cultural & cleanliness activities were undertaken.










N.S.S. Seven Day Camp Highlights in Different Newspapers and Other Pictures